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Online Danish for beginners and intermediates

The e-Language Centre offers Danish education level 2 and 3, including all modules and the Higher Danish Exam Course.

When you learn Danish via an e-Language Centre, you can decide where and when you want Danish lessons. You must complete regular assignments online. The assignments have fixed deadlines, but the teacher takes into account the fact that you have to tackle assignments in the midst of a busy life.

To get started, you need to have a meeting with one of our student counsellors. The student counsellor makes sure that you become a registered user, and that you get access to the appropriate educational level. Contact a student counsellor and get started immediately.


The e-Language Centre offers additional facilities, that support you in your Danish education:
  • A virtual language laboratory
  • Links to resources on the Internet
  • Video and audio materials
  • Chat support

High quality education

At the e-Language Centre, you'll be a part of a flexible learning environment, where our skilled teachers cater to your individual learning needs. The education is made up of exercises and assignments, where you'll receive personal feedback.

You will get to work with both the vocal and written language, covering all disciplines, and we will carefully guide you through the exercises, assignments, and presentations. To strengthen your learning, we offer regular, simultaneous, online educatoin with conversations, pronounciation and grammartical training.
The education can be both individual and in teams.

At the e-Language Centre you will get:

  • Education orgainzed in themes
  • A regular teacher, that gives feedback
  • Video and audio materials with assignments of differing types (listening, speaking, reading, writing) at your level
  • Pronouncation training
  • Offers for online meetings
  • Dictionaries and links for online materials

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About us

We are 7 teachers that stand ready at the e-Language Centre to work with you. We are physically located in Glostrup. If you want to contact us, you can reach us HERE